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Finger Lakes Quilts

Quilting is a big deal in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY. Every summer my sister rents a lake house and invites the family to come and play for a week. I can't even describe the beauty of this place. Long, large deep lakes divided by rolling hills covered in dairy farms and vineyards. Many of the farms are owned by Amish and Mennonite families, and its common to see them on the road in their horse drawn buggies. These are quilting people! There are a number of quilt shops in the area, including Weaver View Farms where I was inspired to try my first Bargello. Quilty Pleasures in Geneva is owned by a mother/daughter team. In addition to beautiful quilts they have a great selection of fabric and quilting supplies. Barbara's Quilt Shop in Romulus is a true Amish shop, so no website and no credit cards. This is where the Amish shop, and she sells all kinds of items, including the straw hats the Amish men wear. She has a small fabric selection but the prices are excellent, and her quilts are gorgeous; all hand quilted of course.

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