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From a small seed...

This project began with one leftover piece from Meg and Alan's double wedding ring quilt, and evolved as it went. At first I thought I'd make a table runner, but it grew to a full size quilt. I had enough of the fabric to complete 8 quarter rings, and had the idea to line them up instead of making rings. I like the way the navy and gray curves intertwine. The fabric inside each section has little silver flying doves. I bordered each long panel with a silky fabric that I'm sure came from Darryl's mom. The photos don't properly show the delicate design on this beautiful fabric. I then decided to try a herringbone pattern to tie them together. I had let this quilt top grow to a dimension that was larger than the backing fabric I'd bought for it, so I pieced the back as well.

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Gail, I had no idea you were a quilter also. Lovely work. Amazing artistry.

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