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When I saw a call for homemade fabric masks on Facebook, I was skeptical. At the start of the Corona virus crisis, there was so much talk about how anything less than the N95 mask was not effective protection. Well now, weeks later, desperate times call for desperate measures. I did a lengthy search for a pattern and this one came up several times. Several hospitals had posted requests for it, and said it is CDC approved. These are washable, reusable and a nurse friend told me they can be sterilized by washing and then microwaving for 35 seconds.

I'd like to make more if I can find elastic. I've exhausted the supply that I inherited from my mother-in-law. A trip to JoAnn Fabrics turned up nothing. They are completely sold out, as I hear are all the local fabric stores. I did meet several other people at JoAnn's who were there looking for the same thing, and we shared ideas about what patterns we'd seen and which might be best.

Now I have to find users for these masks. My nurse/friend/neighbor says she'd like some, and I've offered them to our church. There have been many stories circulating about people and businesses pitching in to make them, so it may turn out to be like trying to find a place to volunteer to serve Thanksgiving Dinner. No need for more! That would be a pleasant problem!

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