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By: Gail Abbey

As a newlywed, aspiring singer in my twenties, I took up quilting. My grandmother had taught me to sew when I was very young, and my mother-in-law had gifted me a shiny new Kenmore sewing machine. We had no money, and I saw quilting as a way to make something of value out of inexpensive materials, especially when I could source fabric from the remnant bin or by cutting up old jeans and bed sheets. I made gifts that I never would have been able to afford if they'd been made by someone else, and items to decorate our small apartment (pillows, curtains and cushions for homemade chairs built by my husband). I was just beginning to get the hang of it when singing jobs began coming in and our two children came along. I set quilting aside and focused on other things for more than three decades. 

Now as a grandmother and retired singer, I find myself drawn to quilting again. Only now it's a different world. I have time and tools I didn't have in my twenties. After completing several projects at the old Kenmore, I decided to invest in a new sewing machine. And for inspiration and instruction, I have the internet, i.e. Pinterest. 

This website was an incredible Mothers' Day gift from my daughter, who is a graphic designer. What a brilliant and thoughtful idea! I'm excited about recording and sharing my quilting journey here. 

Gail Abbey
       Grandmother, Soprano, Quilter 
Gallery of Quilts

Each of my quilts holds a special meaning for me. Some were made with fabric remnants from projects made long ago, some were made as gifts for loved ones with love sewn into every inch. My skills are improving with each project I undertake, so please enjoy these and check in again down the road!

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