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Mask - update

Since my last post, more than a year ago, I've given away more than 500 masks. I can't believe I was concerned about finding someone to use them at first. Once the word got out, I received requests as fast as I could make them. I made some for Laura's Sewing School. Owner, Laura Wirkkala designed a mask with input from health care professionals, then made a video and pdf directions and organized volunteers to sew masks to be donated to local health organizations. Her latest count of donated masks is over 10,000!

I stopped making masks after I saw them available just about everywhere for much less than the material cost to make them. I did make a handful of scrub caps, using a pattern that was posted by Laura, for a friend in Iowa who said she and her colleagues who work in a dental office couldn't find them anywhere.

I did very little other sewing through all of last year. You would think that it would have been a great pandemic pastime, but my time and energy was happily focused instead on my granddaughter's first year. I am so lucky to be close enough to have my daughter and her family included in our pandemic "bubble". Hailey was born just before the lockdown, and she's been our main source of entertainment ever since. I did find time and motivation to make her a simple quilt. There are plans for a more complicated one down the road. More on that in a future post.

I'm hopeful that the end of the pandemic is in sight. My immediate family has been vaccinated, and we're looking forward to the new normal. Spring has been coming in starts and stops, as it does in New England. I'm sure Hailey will continue to command a majority of my attention, but I'm feeling renewed energy to add quilting, gardening and cycling to the mix.

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