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Setting a Goal

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

For the past 9 years I have stood on the side lines ringing my cow bell to support my husband Darryl Abbey as he rode the Pan Mass Challenge. In celebration of Darryl's 10th ride this year, and to support the very important cause of cancer research, I'm going to get on my bike and actually ride for the first time. We have lost too many loved ones to cancer, and so I will ride in memory of Kathy, Sharon, Jeanne, Maryanne, Debbie, Don, Joe, Aunt Doris, my mom and both Darryl's parents and too many others. I will also ride with much gratitude for Brett, Steven, Linda, Roberta, Erin, James, Francesca, Kristianna and others who are living proof that the research being done is making a difference. The commitment to ride the PMC is huge. Both the physical demands and the fundraising requirement are daunting. But if it wasn't difficult it wouldn't be a challenge, and whatever difficulties I may encounter pale in comparison to the fight against cancer. I have always avoided athletic challenges of any kind, but this one is too important to shy away from. I believe I can do it, with your help. And I believe cancer can be beaten.

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