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Sister's Choice

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Searching for inspiration for a quilt for my Sister-in-Law's birthday, I found the pattern for this block titled "Sister's Choice". I linked 16 Sister's Choice blocks with a border that created 9 square-in-square blocks. All of these fabrics are more detailed and beautiful than the photographs show. It was important to me that this quilt be of very high quality, because it's recipient deserves nothing less! I used all of my newly acquired quilting skills, and even experimented with one of the many decorative stitches available on the Jenome 9400 (aka my magic machine). The fabric I had chosen for the back was slightly too small once I'd finished the top, so I added narrow strips of the green floral border that forms the wide border around the front.

And I love this photo collage that Linda posted on Facebook to thank us for the quilt!

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