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A Double Wedding Ring For Me

This is my third double wedding ring quilt. The first was made for my brother and sister-in-law more than 30 years ago. The second was a wedding gift for my daughter and son-in-law. Both were pieced with the old Singer machine, and entirely hand quilted. Each of them took about a year of rather back breaking work, as I bent over the quilting rack. By the time they were finished, my fingers were callused to the point of no longer needing a thimble.

When we moved into our first and forever house in 1990, I bought a blue and white fabric

to make curtains for our bedroom. We've remodeled the room several times since then, but the curtains have remained. All those years ago, I bought enough of the fabric to also make a quilt, and finally got around to it this year - 2021. Better late than never?

Each time I make this pattern I learn something new. On the first attempt I was totally on my own; no Google, no Pinterest, no YouTube. I traced paper pattern pieces from a book, then traced the paper pieces onto fabric and then cut each piece individually with scissors. For the second attempt I purchased a plastic template that made the job so much easier and included useful instructions. I learned a great technique to finish the scalloped edge from YouTube. With my new magic machine and a new rotary cutter designed to cut multiple layers and curved edges, this one went together in less than two months. For my own quilt, I wanted to add a border to square off that scalloped edge. I didn't want to have to worry about a sheet or blanket showing under the quilt. I searched for an example on line of how this might be done, but couldn't find anything that I thought would do what I wanted, so I made up my own. This added a five inch border that solved the problem.

I kept the quilting real simple. This is not an heirloom quilt. It keeps us warm and brightens the room. I can let children jump on it and throw it in the washing machine without a care.

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